Batman: The Animated Series - by Scott McMahon


Batman: The Animated Series - by Scott McMahon

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i understood that reference

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Schindler’s List (1993)

When Steven Spielberg chose Liam Neeson to play Oskar Schindler in his all‑important new film, Schindler’s List, he told him, “I’m going to give you the best introduction in a movie that any actor ever had.” And he has.

In the establishing shots, you watch, from the back, a tall man dressing for dinner with meticulous care. You see a hand reaching for a pair of gold cufflinks. An enamel swastika is pinned to a satin lapel. Cut to a club where the maitre d’ approaches eagerly and leads him to a table. As the camera swings around for the first time, revealing the handsome face of Oskar Schindler, he is smiling knowingly at the available woman at the next table. (x)

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true detective

  • Rust Cohle: [very specific expression of nihilism/existentialism/fatalism and/or reference to gnostic or otherwise occult concepts with implied quantum physics connection]
  • Marty Hart: wut
  • Rust: [gives Marty the middle finger]
  • Marty: [gives Rust the middle finger]

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u fall in love with rust cohle and let me tell you u suffer because of it

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this is the single most pretentious thing ive ever seen in my life im gonna vomit

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So I just found out that to be an astronaut you can’t be under 5’2” and this is BULLSHIT I never wanted to be an astronaut until I found out I couldn’t and now I feel like a dream has been crushed fuck you NASA

i don’t want to live in a world where we can’t launch danny devito into space

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